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Driver's Daily Vehicle Inspection Report Book, Standardized

They delivered a fantastic, easy to use digital solution in less than a week. The first-rate experience - highly recommend to any limo or shuttle business who wants to improve efficiency and sleep easier! Driveroo technology turns graphics into inspection points which are quick, easy and break through the language barrier. Inspecting the vehicle before driving each day can be a Federal requirement and normally takes about 15 minutes. If there are defects noted these must be inspected and signed off.

If the defects have not been corrected they must be repaired before the vehicle can be used. Depending on your DOT form and standards, we will generate custom inspections to meet your needs. Driveroo offers NFC tags that guarantee inspection performance and facilitate transmission and recording of inspection data.

Tags are placed across vehicles and are easily scanned with the Driveroo app allowing managers to track and verify inspection data. The obvious benefits include ease of monitoring, improved compliance and time-appropriate maintenance. Driveroo verified digital inspection is a go-to solution to improve fleet operations, increase uptime and streamline maintenance.


Our digital DVIR system reduces the time and resources that you need to spend on your commercial fleet maintenance. By adding Driveroo you get:. Get Live Demo. Digital Customized Forms and Workflows Standardize processes and eliminate errors.

No-defect Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports no longer have to be filed

Ultimate User-friendliness Our apps are designed to be easy and enjoyable to use. Eliminate training curve. Adhering to Regulations Ensure continued compliance and safety.

DOT Inspector explains what he looks for when checking semis

Lower Maintenance Costs Get a health snapshot of your fleet daily. Increased Efficiency Take advantage of real-time fleet diagnostics. The post-trip inspection should review these items and list any defects found in order to complete the DVIR. With so many parts to keep track of, it can be easy to accidentally skip parts of the inspection.

Driver's Daily Vehicle Inspection Report Book, Standardized | Labelmaster

Using a post-trip checklist ensures DOT compliance by giving drivers an easy reference for what parts of the vehicle to inspect. Only specific defects that result in a safety hazard need to be reported. You'll have little trouble making sure your vehicles are in safe condition with a DOT post-trip inspection checklist.

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The only remaining issue will be keeping track that DVIRs are actually being completed. The DVIR is sometimes referred to as the daily vehicle inspection report because it must be completed at the end of each workday.

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Additionally, the DOT requires you to keep your driver vehicle inspection reports for 3 months after the report was prepared. Certification of repairs to defective items must be kept for this time period as well. The best way to prevent all these records from being lost or damaged is to use inspection software. With inspection software, each DVIR will be stored in an online database for safe keeping. It will also allow you to confirm inspection reports are being completed as needed. Luckily, IndustrySafe offers a safety management software suite that includes inspection tracking and an inspections mobile app.

You can upload any inspection checklist into the software, as well as photos of findings. It also offers corrective action tracking for any deficient items found on the DVIR. The driver vehicle inspection report is part of a regular process that may feel like its taking up too much of your day.

This is especially true if you are using paper and pencil to record them. There are better tools available to help and ensure that any findings are reported.

For more information on how IndustrySafe can assist in completing driver vehicle inspection reports, sign up for a free demo account! Tags: Inspections. Improve Inspections by Managing your Safety Data. Get more from a safety management software. About IndustrySafe Careers. Email Us: sales industrysafe.