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Others come from rural communities far from government offices and may have never received a birth certificate. A birth certificate is required to obtain a Mexican passport or consular ID card — forms of identification needed to apply for many U. Requests for birth certificates have been surging in recent months, Mexican officials say. Nationally, millions more are eligible for a program recently expanded by President Obama that will offer work permits and temporary stays of deportation to many longtime residents who came to the U.

Twitter: katelinthicum. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Kate Linthicum. Follow Us. It says copies will not work, what do I do?! Each state certifies their certificates differently. Some states have moved away from using the raised embossed seal and are now using the water mark seal on security paper. We can assist you with ordering a certified copy of your birth certificate from the state you were born.

Mis padres se casaron en Texas, tengo una copia antigua del acta de matrimonio, tambien me gustaria obtener una copia nueva. Hello George and thank you for your question. Regarding your question about ordering your Texas birth certificate from VitalChek. I checked the box for drivers license, I guess I should have marked a different one. Which request will get me an offical raised seal one? Hello, Daphne. A certified birth certificate from New York contains an imprinted watermark rather than a raised seal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at vitals. Hello, how can I get an official birth certificate? I need an official birth certificate and not a certified one. Hello Hector.

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A certified copy of a birth certificate is an official copy. If you were born to U. Yo can also order online through the VitalChek website. How do i determine if a mexican birth certificate is real?

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Or fake? What and where do i go? I read that if a child is born to at least 1 u. Does that mean the child doesnt need a temp. Visa to come to u. A girl is claiming she is my blood sister. My dad recently passed. Its impossible she is his blood daughter, but she has a birth certificate…it is fake. I need to prove this! Thanks for help.

Hello Leo. Thanks for reaching out with your questions.

How do I request a record online?

To determine the legitimacy of a Mexican birth certificate, you might contact the Mexican consulate for guidance. For more information about what determines whether someone meets the requirements of a US citizen born abroad, visit the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services webpage. You may also want to seek legal advice if there are legal issues involved with this situation. Can I order my birth certificate through this site I lost all my vital records.

Hello Thomas. Thank you for your question. Certain states do offer identity authentication by answering a series of questions while others do not. Please email us at vitals.

Hello my name is Juan colon,, Some time ago I lost my wallet with all my papers,I was in New York,is to secure for me to try and get my birth certificate online,thankyou. Hello Juan. Since you mention that your important papers were in your wallet, we recommend that you report the loss both to the police and to the appropriate credit bureaus to ensure you can help stop any potential identity theft from occurring.

Depending on which state you were born in, you may or may not need to show photo-ID to get your birth certificate.


If the state has electronic identity verification in place, then you should be able to order your certificate online at vitalchek. VitalChek is authorized by — and works directly with — government agencies across the nation to provide secure vital record processing services. If additional documentation is needed, many agencies have alternate forms of ID they will accept as proof of identity.

If at any time during the ordering process you have any questions, you can contact us at vitals. Hope this information is helpful.

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My husband and I will be going on a cruise to Mexico. We are getting a passport card.

According to the application, the birth certificate we need to use should have our parents names on them. The one that we received from our city does not have the names of our parents on them. It is an official certificate with a raised seal. Will we be able to use this to get our passports? Also, my birth certificate has my maiden name on it. Will I have an issues because my name is different due to my marriage? Hello Denise. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. Some states may offer more than one form of birth certificate while others do not.

We suggest you contact the vital records office where you got your certificates to find out whether the form you have received is the appropriate form for travel and if they offer another version that includes the parents names. Regarding your question about whether your maiden name on the birth certificate will cause you issues, it should not. I was told that they will not accept my birth certificate when renewing my license but they would if I was born after since the computer can verify the records validity in the state after that date.

I am moving to Connecticut shortly, will I run into the same problem there? Hello Ryan. Thanks for reaching out with your question. After , the requirements have changed for birth certificates used for certain legal reasons such as getting a passport or ID. My wife was born in Los Angeles, she only has her abstract copy, or something like that, and the docs from the hospital, also her social number.

Then her parents moved to Mexico and they doesnt get her birth certificate. It is possible to get the Birth Certificate with you? I have looked into the California website and links to you. Hello Rodrigo. Based on the information you have provided us, your wife should be able to order her birth certificate through VitalChek.

If she has any questions during the ordering process, she can email us at vitals. I have my birth certificate from It is black, like a photo copy. Hello Mary. In most cases, an old photo copy of your birth certificate may not be acceptable for your travel purposes.