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But not all prisoners are lucky enough to have a family member to act as proxy for their Facebook page and even fewer have enough money or underworld clout to obtain a contraband smartphone. So what do they do if they want to keep in touch with the world through social media? I dealt with a company called voiceforinmates.

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The whole experience stressed me out, but in the end it was cool to access some of my old classmates, musician buddies, and friends I haven't talked to in a while. Plus it gave me a sense of still being out there in the mix of the free world.

That is what social media is all about—getting out there and connecting with old friends and making new ones. I know in my case I thrived as I made connections and got my work published. It made me feel like I was living and transcending the mundane nature of prison life. But if TRULINCS has been a boon to prisoners, companies like Voice for Inmates have used it as an opportunity to exploit those trapped behind the fences of our nation's correctional facilities. Without a proxy to administer the social media pages or a contraband cell phone to do it themselves, prisoners are bereft of the opportunity to connect.

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Prisoners will use anyone, even ex-wives or girlfriends, to set up their pages, even if that can cause trouble in their personal lives. I have been gone over a decade and when I was out there, MySpace was the leading site. Twitter, Facebook and the others showed up later. It would be nice to be able to access our own account from here, but we are limited due to the sex offenders wanting to gain access and manipulate to their own sick desires. But I am still happy to have this expensive, slow, and monitored texting service which they refer to as emails.

Used in the right way and with the right people helping, a lot can be accomplished.

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Since the whole world is digital and mobile these days, it's nice to be plugged in. The Bureau of Prisons charges five cents per minute to read or type an email.

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Not much, you might think, but it adds up. NOTE: Prison records have a restricted access period of up to 70 years. Please see the Accessing Restricted Records section for information on how to apply for access to restricted records. The Gaols Department was first listed as a sub-department of the Colonial Secretary's Department in , following the appointment of the Comptroller-General of Prisons under the Prisons Act The Department was responsible for the functioning of all prisons and gaols within the State.

In the Gaols Department was renamed the Prisons Department and since then the responsible agency has undergone several name changes including: Department of Corrections , Prisons Department , and Department of Corrective Services , the Offender Management Division of the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Justice In February , a newly formed department - the Department of Corrective Services - took over the function of the prison system when the Department of Justice was abolished.

General information on prisons and gaols from throughout the State can be located through the records of these departments. The State Records Office holds several collections of files that relate specifically to individual prisons - the largest collection being that of Fremantle Prison.

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Many early prison records are intertwined with the records of the Convict Establishment. See also further information on prison records relating to convicts. NOTE: Prison records may have a restricted access period of up to 70 years.

Fremantle Prison There are a great deal of records available for Fremantle Prison covering most aspects of life within the prison. Records include prison menus, handover and debrief reports, medical journals, accounts books, dispatch books, workshop records, cell inspection registers, chief officers journals and so on. The following records provide examples of some of the more frequently used Fremantle Prison records:. In addition to the records of Fremantle Prison the State Records Office also holds the records for other major State prisons, such as:.

Gaols were used for holding criminals awaiting trial or those convicted of relatively minor crimes serving short term sentences.


Perth Gaol Built circa the first Perth Gaol operated until when it was moved from opposite Government House to a newly built facility on Beaufort Street. The Gaol operated as a branch of the Convict Establishment between , at which time it was closed and the remaining prisoners transferred to Fremantle Prison. The resources below can be used to locate inmate pictures, find which facility an inmate is located at, see where prisons and jails are in each state, and learn other details related to the penal system.

A facility might not update its online information on a prisoner for 24 hours or longer after incarceration. The easiest way to do a nationwide inmate search to locate which prison an inmate is located at or where they were held before release , is to search for the person using the Find an Inmate search tool on Bop.

It works for any offender incarcerated from to present day. You also have the opportunity to obtain information about current criminal cases and the status of offenders. The same Bop. Visit Bop.

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