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Inmates can call any approved phone numbers, including cell phones, with their debit account. Collect: Calls to certain approved numbers and the call charges will remain the same as they do today on your monthly phone bill. However, note that collect calls cannot be made to cell phones, office phones, or hospital numbers. Inmates have the option of placing collect calls to telephone numbers approved by the correctional facility. Collect calls are billed to the called party every month through their phone carrier company.

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If you receive a high number of collect calls, you may have reached the billing limit allowed by your local phone company. Once you reach a maximum phone bill amount, you may be at a risk of being blocked from receiving future collect calls from an inmate.

In such instances, you can call our automated system at to sign up for a prepaid calling account and begin receiving calls again. In addition, online account registration and deposits are available through www.

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You will be redirected to ConnectNetwork in Deposit Funds Now! The inmate telephone system allows family and friends to keep in contact with their incarcerated loved ones. How do I sign up or make a deposit to a prepaid collect calling account?

How do I create or fund an account using the online payment option connectnetwork. How do I create or fund an account using the phone?

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How can I have an inmate call me or how do I receive calls from an inmate? You can sign up for a prepaid calling account today if you experience any of the following: You have a collect call restriction by your local phone provider You have exceeded the collect call limit You are unable to receive inmate calls on your cell phone, office phone, hospital phone or other commercial phone numbers Your local telephone company does not bill for inmate collect calls Your phone number is blocked from receiving inmate collect calls You have a high collect call bill and want to manage your calling budget.

What are the calling rates? All Rights Reserved. Detainees were citizens of any one of more than sixty different countries and remained in detention at the facility until their cases were decided in U. Immigration Courts.

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ICE personnel assigned to Mira Loma handled all detainee transport, releasing, tracking and removal or deportation. Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies and custody assistants only worked in Executive Office of Immigration Review courtrooms at the facility. Century Regional Detention Facility female inmates.

Inmate Reception Center temporary holding only. Mira Loma Detention Center - Closed projected to be remodeld and reopened as a women's detention center.

North County Correctional Facility. Pitchess Detention Center East Facility - Closed however serves as a fire camp for inmate firefighters. Pitchess Detention Center North Facility. Pitchess Detention Center South Facility.