How to change my name on my birth certificate

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Answer: Not necessarily. If you can provide sufficient identification bearing the name you enter in the application form, the passport will most likely be issued in that name. Note, however, that the agent who processes your application will have the final say on what name will be printed on your passport. Loan default of certain government loans.

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And they did file a claim to collect the collateral? But they never sent a satisfactory statement saying was satisfied for the debt. What if it is still showing without any notifications?

How Do You Change Your Birth Certificate?

Can l be denied a passport for that reason if it shows not satisfied? Answer: Passport applications may be denied if the applicant may be in serious federal debt. Middle Name by: Anonymous Question: I have been using a middle name as long as I can remember but I was not given one on my birth certificate. I am 67 years old and my first passport at age 18 had my middle name.

When I moved from Virginia to Colorado I was told due to real ID my Colorado driver's license would not have my middle name or initial because my last passport with my middle name was expired. Now nothing agrees with my driver's license. What should I do? Answer: It is ideal that all your documents bear your legal name. Since your birth certificate does not have the assumed middle name, you may use it to change the name on your passport and other documents. Absent father's last name by: Anonymous Question: Hi I am about to turn 17 this week. I have my biological father's last name and mother's name as well but my biological father never signed my birth certificate and has been an absent parent pretty much all of my life.

I do have his last name.

How Do I Get New a Birth Certificate After a Name Change? | LegalZoom Legal Info

My stepfather who I see and has raised me as his child wants to adopt me so i can have his last name legally. What's the best and easiest way to do this process to take off my absent parent's last name and then get adopted by my stepdad? Is it better to wait till am 18 or do it now? Answer: We do not have information on adoption and name changes thereafter. Please contact an attorney or the local vital records office regarding your question. I was adopted by my stepdad and my name is also different by: Sandra Question: I was born in New Jersey and my birth father was abusive to my mother.

She left him when I was 14 months old. She then met my stepdad and married him. She never married my real dad and so I was raised by my stepdad and my mom with his name. All of my relatives are now dead and I'm about to lose everything due to lack of proper identification. Requesting a name change is pointless since I am married now.

Changing or Correcting a Child's Name from Name Registered At Birth

What can I do legally? Can I write my own affidavit?

How to change your name in birth certificate

Do I need an attorney? Should I contact a state representative? Answer: You need to speak to an attorney to find out what legal actions you can take. I dropped my first name after marriage back in July I did so through SS Office.

So now, with only weeks left before leaving for the Bahamas, my passport and BC does not match. What in the world can I do from here? Answer: You may still travel with your passport as long as you book tickets in the name that appears in it. It seems to me that the issue lies with the local laws so it is best that you contact the office that certifies marriages in the Bahamas for advice on the matter. First name spelled wrong on birth certificate by: Anonymous Question: There is a minor spelling issue on birth certificate and social security card.

Can I have my passport corrected to show the correct spelling? I have only gone by this correct spelling my whole life. Answer: Ideally, you should apply for a correction on your birth certificate.

While you need to provide your SS number on the application form, you probably won't need to show your card. If the correct name is on your primary identification document e. You can request Aleisha on your passport application but there is no guarantee it will be accepted. Passport Services has the last say which name is printed in the passport based on documents submitted. If you do not want to correct the BC first and do not have primary ID in the correct name, we recommend that you include a short letter with the application and a few early public records with the correct spelling, if you have them.

Maiden Name by: Anonymous Question: My birth certificate has my maiden name and my drivers license has my married name even though I'm divorced. Will this be a problem for getting a passport? Answer: It will not be as long as you can provide sufficient proof that you are one and the same person. Also, passport services may request for other documents showing that you have used the name you enter in your application for at least 5 years.

Wrong birth month on driver's license by: Anonymous Question: Will I be able to get a passport if my driver's license has February 18, as my birthday but all my other documents say March 18, ? Answer: Details in your documents must match up in order for there to be no questions regarding your identity.

You may still proceed with applying for your passport but you need to present a combination of secondary IDs bearing the correct birth date instead of your license. California Common law name change by: Anonymous Question: My name on my birth certificate is completely different from the name that I have used for the last 37 years. I surrendered all of my official documents i. These agencies changed my name and issued IDs in my current name.

How to Change the Name on Your Birth Certificate

I did not go through the court because the Common Law Usage Method is considered legal. I do not have ID or any records in my old name. My college records were also changed and my degrees and transcripts were issued in my current name. Can I still get a passport? Answer: Yes, you can. Since all your documents and IDs have your current name, the passport should be issued in that name as well.

Birth name different from name used entire life by: Anonymous Question: I am 60 years old and recently found out that my name on my birth certificate is different from the name I have used for 60 years. I am about to go on a cruise and will not have time to change my name. What other documentation could I take me besides birth certificate with one name and drivers license with another name? Answer: You can bring IDs and other verifiable documents like credit card statements, mortgage records, traffic tickets, etc.

Name on SS card is slightly different from the birth certificate. Answer: Please contact social security regarding your SS card name change. Middle name by: Anonymous Question: My middle name was changed after I was born. My license and SS card are both the new middle name but my birth certificate says the old name. Can I get a passport or do I need to legally change my middle name? Answer: The passport will be issued in the name you enter in the form as long as it matches either your birth certificate or primary ID driver's license.

However, passport services may ask for more documents that are at least 5 years old bearing the name you enter in the application form so best be prepared for that as well.

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Last name ends in a different letter by: AnonyMmous Question: My father used a different spelling of his last name with an s at the end instead of a z, which is his actual spelling. So as his first child, that is what I went by all of my life. I am 51 now, and wish to apply for a passport. Now he won't help me to prove I use an s, since he started using it with a z as well.

My credit, my children's records, all say s. Answer: The letter difference should not be a problem as long as you can provide sufficient identification bearing the name you enter in the application form. My passport, driver's license and all my documents forever are under Annemarie as one word. When I go to get a passport, can I get it under Annemarie or does it have to be Anne Marie and will this cause issues?

Answer: Since both your citizenship document birth certificate and ID have Anne Marie, the passport will most likely be issued in that name. Answer: You need to take care of the error on your ID first. You need an ID to apply for a passport. Answer: It might be questioned and you may be required to provide additional identification documents. Birth certificate problem by: Anonymous Question: In my birth certificate and in ID I am missing a "u" in my last name but the correct spelling is in my social security card.

Can I apply for a passport and get the correct spelling or do I have to wait to correct my last name on my birth certificate?