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Republicans are at least equally guilty of making sensationalized promises, too. In early , the California congressman, who chaired the House Intelligence Committee at the time, claimed he had proof that senior FBI officials secretly surveilled the Trump campaign.

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His allies trumpeted the upcoming findings. Matt Gaetz said during a "Hannity" appearance that January.

Yet the final product failed to produce much of a ripple. Now, with the Mueller investigation wrapped and fading into the rearview mirror, conservatives have placed their hopes in a pair of intertwining DOJ probes examining the Russia investigation itself.

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One is led by Inspector General Michael Horowitz. A second probe is helmed by U.

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Attorney John Durham of Connecticut. Conversely, Durham has been silent about his work.

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  • But Barr declined to offer specifics about what he hoped Durham would uncover. Trump and his allies have filled the information void by repeatedly suggesting serious wrongdoing is just on the verge of being uncovered. Why not?

    Watchdog: Comey violated FBI policies in handling of memos

    This is where Brennan needs five lawyers. Conservative media outlets have fueled the drumbeat about the possible outcomes from the Horowitz and Durham probes. Hannity has made the topic a central theme on his shows. It was a stark contrast to how The New York Times and other mainstream outlets portrayed the story — they all led with the fact that the DOJ investigators had decided not to press charges against Comey.

    Caputo said he had confidence that the probes would reap results for several reasons, including remarks that Trump made to him during a minute Oval Office meeting this spring. Muslim communities, recruited him into the ranks anyway. The government also relied on the fact that, during an interrogation, Hayat told FBI agents that he had attended a training camp — though he gave agents conflicting information and several different locations for the camp, with one in Afghanistan and others in Pakistan.

    The admissions came after agents kept him awake until 3 a. In response, Hayat was vague.

    Judge Dragged Out of Courtroom After Being Sentenced to Jail

    They told him that his son had confessed to attending a training camp, but they minimized the seriousness of the action. Controversy enveloped the town of Lodi, Calif.

    The FBI and the American Gangster, 1924-1938

    For years, Bergman pushed for and supported efforts to continue reporting on the issue. I worked for him at the IRP from to Bergman regularly brought up the Hayat case, lobbying me to spend more time looking into it. VanSickle continued to cover the Hayat case for The Marshall Project , where she is now a staff writer. Lawyers for Hayat then brought a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel during the trial.

    FBI Arrests Fourth Man at JFK Airport in Probe of Rudy Giuliani Associates - NBC New York

    Seven months later, in late July, U. District Judge Garland E. Burrell Jr. I asked VanSickle what she thought of our former boss, Bergman, being proven right after nearly 15 years of obsession with the Hayat case. She laughed. Join Our Newsletter Original reporting.