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I had this glass when my mother bought it for me when we dined there one day. A can of Parker House Coffee. A Burny Brothers Bakery entrance made out of stone.

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Photo credit from Jake Parrillo. Photo is from The Chicago Tribune February 28, Dated December 15, Photo credit by Buddy Casanova.

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Here is a Z-Rock bumper sticker from Two piggy banks from Wickes Furniture. Shopping Bag from ChicagoFest. Once located at E Ontario St. Who remembers Computer City Stores? There are a few stores still in business in Europe. From The Chicago Tribune February 18, From The Chicago Tribune February 11, From The Chicago Tribune February 4, People I know to this day still miss this place very much.

Talk about longevity. It will be missed. Photo was taken Here is an ad from Here is another obscure business that was in the Chicagoland area.

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From The Chicago Tribune January 28, This photo is very personal to me. The owner Gus Lukis has just passed away and he and his late wife lived in my old neighborhood in Ashburn. They were good friends with my parents and visited my house frequently when we lived there. What a nice man he was. He owned the place for 55 years until January Also had two other locations in Chicago Heights and Joliet. A menu from a Chicken Delight Restaurant. This menu is from W Belmont Ave. It had few locations in the Chicagoland.

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Still in business in couple of states. From The Chicago Tribune January 25, Here is something obscure.

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A travel bag from Olson Travel. It had an office at 1 N LaSalle St at one time. Not sure about other locations. A coffee can from Orchard Park. This brand was sold at National Food Stores back in the day. Premiered on January 22, I have a Facebook group and page for the show. You can join the group and follow the page if you like. From The Chicago Tribune January 21, The cookbook was published on December 1, The Bakery Restaurant closed in Here is a certificate of citizenship, of a map of Torahville from the TV show.

Very rare find.


I remembered the show and watched it a few times when I was a kid. Photo taken in November It was a chain of cafeterias back in the day. Notice the Peter Pan Restaurant on the left. A credit card from Courtesy Home Center. It had several locations in the Chicagoland.

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From May 19, Also had a location in Elmwood Park, IL. Had other several locations throughout the Chicagoland area. Photo credit by Martha Humphrey-Slaughter. Here is an obscure one. From The Chicago Tribune December 18, I had one just like that when I growing up, except the denim lining. Photo is from The Homewood Historical Society. Not sure what year this photo was taken.

Found on EBay. Ad for The Axle Roller Rink.

From The Chicago Tribune January 6, Photo taken in the 's. It was previously located at W Jackson Blvd. Here is a cell phone from them, complete with charger. It was once headquartered in Itasca, IL. From The Chicago Tribune December 31, From The Chicago Tribune December 4, His son went to grade school with me.

Terzakis passed away on October 2, From The Chicago Tribune July 21, A frisbee from The Ground Round Restaurants. The Chase Bank is there now. Dick Orkin who played him died on Christmas Eve. He will be missed. Ad for Tempo Tapes and Records Store. Judging by the albums, I would say this ad is from the summer of From The Chicago Tribune December 24, From The Chicago Tribune December 20, From The Chicago Tribune December 22, It was released in Here is the cover of the first issue of Disco Chicago Magazine.

I remembered seeing this at Crestline Pharmacy once located across the street from Bogan High School which I attended. Catalog is from Bell Phone Center Store Christmas ad from Who remembers Salerno Jingle Cookies that used to be packaged this way? A Chicago Christmas classic product from the past. From The Chicago Tribune December 6, From The Chicago Tribune December 8, Opened on December 8, Photo taken in the late 's.

Fashion for the people.

Very sad to see it go. Photo taken in April Credited by Pat Hammond. My parents had an account at the bank in the 's. From The Chicago Tribune November 26, A box of Double Kay Assorted Nuts. Photo is from August Grew up watching The Partridge Family for many years and enjoying their music.

A pie server from Lloyd J. Harriss Pies. Vintage box of Linco Plus all fabric bleach. My Mom knew the owner very well and several of the employees that worked there at the time. Used to go there all the time. It was awesome!

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I miss it tremendously! Photo of The Home Store. Photo credit by Dr. When we lived in Roseland, my Mom never went to that store. She always shopped at Gately's People Store because we lived a half a block on Michigan Ave from there. Had several locations in the Chicagoland area back in the day. Michigan Ave in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago. My mother shopped there frequently when we lived there at the time. She said the clothes were beautiful. From The Chicago Tribune November 24, Notice The Mayflower on the cover. Bogan High School, where I graduated in , entered in contest.

From The Chicago Tribune November 20, Photo taken on Here is a box of special black tea from High-Low Foods Store. It was located in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. A wonderful business gone forever, but the precious memories will be with us for the rest of our lives. Who remembers Rizzoli Bookstores? Based in New York City, it had two locations in Chicago. One still exists in Manhattan, New York.

From The Chicago Tribune December 11, Photo credit by Lee Harvey. Here he is at Riverview Amusement Park in Chicago in Also, he has recorded many songs throughout his career. He was a very versatile person.