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The new facility dwarfs the old juvenile hall, where many youths double up in 7-byfoot cells -- one on a bunk, the other on a foam mat on a graffiti-etched plastic riser to keep it off the concrete floor. They often eat, work out and study in the same dank room. In the old setup, teens, arms behind their backs, are escorted through the halls individually by staff and have to stand against the wall when visitors pass. The new facility allows youths to walk around by themselves, their movements followed by security cameras and monitored by a guard in a control booth who remotely unlocks doors and gives instructions via an intercom if necessary.

That provides teens a degree of freedom and responsibility that they'll need in order to reacclimatize, Diaz said.

In addition to the bed juvenile facility, the campus includes a receiving home for abandoned and abused children, three special-needs group homes and a bed girls camp for teens to learn life skills while transitioning from detention. The old facility is to be demolished and replaced by a garden where youths will grow produce to sell at farmers' markets. If we're taking these kids in as our kids, kids of the system, then we have to provide the same level of care and services that we would if they were our own children. Because they are.

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Open to the general public. Web site: www. The inside court yard of the new San Mateo County state-of-the-art female youth facility and juvenile hall is a , sq-foot green-friendly facility which is the biggest construction project ever in the county, officials say. Ran on: Ran on: Ran on: An inside courtyard of San Mateo County's new state-of-the-art youth facility and juvenile hall.

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The inside court yard of the new San Mateo County state-of-the-art female youth facility and juvenile hall is a , sq-foot green-friendly facility which is the biggest construction project ever in the Photo: Frederic Larson. Caption Close.

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Here's where they went. Former SF Wells Fargo teller alleges manager drugged, raped her.

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If you still need to acquire an application, you can contact the Probation Department in person, by phone, or by mail and request an application to be sent via mail, or you can simply download the materials from the website. After you have reviewed the eligibility requirements for juvenile record sealing, return the completed application to the Probation Department by mail or in person.

There is an option on the application to seal requesting to waive the fee. Check the box and then fill out the financial declaration form. Call for more information. After receiving your application, a Probation Officer will conduct a background investigation and decide if you are eligible to have your juvenile record sealed. The investigation will be focused on your basic eligibility, a criminal background check, and evidence of rehabilitation. Based on this investigation, the probation officer will write a report either recommending that your record be sealed, or stating that you are not eligible to have your record sealed and why.

If the probation officer does not recommend that your record be sealed, no court hearing will be scheduled.

If you still wish to pursue sealing your records, you may hire an attorney or you may have access to a public defender, who can calendar a hearing and state your case to seal your records in front of a judge. If the probation officer recommends that your record be sealed, the next step is to calendar a juvenile court hearing with a judge, the probation officer and the district attorney. At this hearing, a judge will decide whether or not your juvenile records may be sealed.

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You will be notified of your hearing date two weeks in advance. You do not have to appear at the hearing, but your probation officer may recommend that you appear. Once a judge reviews your application they will either grant or deny your request to seal your juvenile record. A judge may choose to deny your application for reasons including a lack of rehabilitation, adult charges, and crimes of moral turpitude. The Court will send a record sealing order to all of the agencies involved in your case, which includes, but is not limited to, police agencies, probation agencies, and courts.

Once your record is sealed, you may legally say that you do not have a juvenile record.