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Eleven public universities filed a friend of the court brief in the case, arguing that the university corporations should be granted the same legal right of sovereign immunity given state agencies. In their brief, the universities said the case had "fundamental implications for the future of Florida's State University System.

The purpose of sovereign immunity is to protect the decision-making process of government officials, and to prevent government treasuries from being drained by lawsuits. Plancher's family and others argue that as a private entity, the university corporations shouldn't be given the same rights as a state agency.

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The Florida Supreme Court took up the Plancher case after the University of Central Florida Athletics Association and its insurer convinced an appellate that the corporation functioned "primarily as an instrumentality of UCF. UCF's former athletics director, Keith Tribble, put it bluntly in a deposition, saying that privatizing the athletic program allowed it to hire coaches and other employees "without having it, you know, be public.

The university corporations, which have been around for more than a quarter century, pay for and carry out some of the key functions of university life. A large number of the corporations pay the salaries of athletic department staffers, who work for the corporations, not the universities. Many corporations also finance department chairs, scholarships and research. Some of these corporations also control vast sums of money.

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Last year, Gaetz tried to introduce legislative reforms to make the university corporations more transparent, as part of a series of reforms for other corporations that work on behalf of state agencies. When asked why the corporations shouldn't be subject to the same open records laws as universities, Andy Miller, chief executive of the Seminole Boosters, said in an email, "We do not make laws.

Request for Personal Inspection of Public Record

It is often hard to figure out where the universities end and the university corporations start. Several of the corporations are staffed with university employees, and the corporations' chief operating officers report to university presidents, who in turn are required to serve on the boards of the corporations that support their schools. This section begins with a discussion of exactly which documents are considered public records.

It is followed by an examination of the extent to which agencies may limit or regulate inspection or copying of public records. In addition, records exempted from disclosure are listed.

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It also includes an appendix of public documents and meetings that are privileged, confidential or for which access is limited. The volume includes an index as well as a table of contents. Format: One-volume reference manual.

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This is a volume on Florida media law with extensive reference to case law. It includes chapters on the First Amendment, libel, invasion of privacy, reporter's privilege, reporting the courts and report-ing public agencies. Each chapter includes a brief summary. The preface of the book includes a brief introduction to the judicial system.

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  • The volume includes a table of contents, an index and a table of cases. Florida has one of the most open public records laws in the nation. In the State of Florida, anyone may request public records from a government agency. There are various benefits of open government which help to ensure transparency and accountability of public officials. The public record law states that any records made or received by any public agency in the course of its official business are available for inspection unless specifically exempted by the Florida Legislature. This also means that not all records are public.

    Some records are exempt from public disclosure and protected by law.

    Colleges duck public records law via corporations

    Records in the Supervisor of Elections office are maintained according to their retention schedule, in compliance with the Public Records law Chapter , Florida Statutes and applicable Election Law Chapters , Florida Statutes. Public meetings held in the Supervisor of Elections office through the course of an election cycle are open to the public and subject to the Sunshine law.

    The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend Canvassing Board meetings in the Elections Office and watch the electoral process in action. Use the contact information below to request a public record from the Supervisor of Elections office:. A requestor is not required to give a name or reason for the request of public records.

    Public records requests may be placed, in writing by mail, e-mail or fax, in person or phone.