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Help to Reduce Exposure of Personal Info. Alerts If We Detect Your Personal Information on the Dark Web. Large-Scale Breaches. Your Name on a Sex Offender Registry. Credit Services and Reports. Credit Monitoring. Annual Credit Report and Score. If so what are your thoughts about HIM telling his own story from his perspective? Your judgements come across as envious, jealous judgements of men who only utilize their voices to contradict what the Good Lord of Heaven has decreed as set in the confines of history.

You call the Kebra Negast mythology? Who are you in regards to knowing about things as such and what do you know of the great mysteries of truth concerning the of the Ark of the Covenant? Which books are you referring? Can we get some references? How is it you can speak on the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley and Teddy Afro who have brought countless jOy to literally millions of people on earth through song and dance only to say their spirit of music is simply a romanticized perspective?

I would have no choice but to stand with the help of those who would have me as I am exiled due to keeping myself safe in order to accomplish the mission of being triumphant in the unjust war perpetuated on my country.

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How am I supposed to take the time and adhere to starting a movement to help Marcus Garvey and his request regardless of how sensible and important his request was during such a perilous time? His thoughts and writings on HIM are unequivocally seated in a frustration of disappointment and his expectations crushed as so to do his best in a passion of fury to undermine HIM and the great work he has done here. Manifest Destiny and the Kebra Negast are not comparable as to being similar and to do so is pure ignorance on your part.

A deceptive ploy that the over educated continue to nourish while walking blindly without knowing their current surroundings. What narrative of truth have you rendered in this piece of propaganda which is no different than what the Italians dropped on Ethiopians during their reign of terror on this nation of peaceful people?

Who is to say what will become of the rasta community in Shashamane? I have been and the Rastas there are kind and are connected with many throughout the land especially musically in Addis. As I said before.

You are wrong about M. He did support him whole heartedly up until he was denied the ability to meet with HIM who at the time was under the most dire of circumstances. Marcus took this as a personal affront to demonize him as a traitor. Are you kidding me? You are saying that Haile Sellassie only embraced the Rastas due to public relations value? Disgusting accusation with no bases what so ever. That statement alone would have the Dr. When Haile Sellassie met the Rastas, they were total outcast of Jamaican society and they could not give him no benefit. Still he wanted to listen to them and meet them.

WHAT IS MY IDENTITY? // My Thoughts On Finding Your Identity //

They had no public relations value back then. This article is at least wrong in that part. Why is there no mention that H. Who, in fact, is rewriting history? Is it you,Yohannes Woldemariam, or are you just ignorant? Keep trawling. Everything that you you said about Emperor Haile Selassie I is without any base or facts. Therefore, whatever lies you or your fellow Inferior Complexity Disorder victims, and we know many of you are from Tigray and Eritrea, spread about the Emperor means nothing. History already have evaluated him and has given him the appropriate respect!

Especially, the ones from from Adwa Tigray and Eritrea, starting from working as British and Italian Bandas to killing their own people, just to blame Ethiopian Government, have done their best for Ethiopia not to exist.

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He refused to let Ethiopia be colonized just like Emperor Meinlik did. Herman Cohen, British, Germany and other European representatives, signed the document that is destroying Ethiopia especially Amhara and Tewahdo Orthodox now. I, strongly, suggest to Dr.

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Jonnas and to individuals like him to seek a professional help for this disorder before it ruins the world as it is doing to Ethiopia. All humans are created equal. What you are feeling is only in your heads. Kudos to you!

200 years after the original Defender’s Day, we continue to remember the Battle of Baltimore

Glad to read this kind of articles. Lots of information to study in deep are given. Historical impartial academic research is a must. My two cents about Rastafari: Rastafari was designed as a way to fight white slavemasters oppression, thus a reinterpretation of the bible where afrocentrism takes the dominant position was the elected way. Rastafari foundation has freemasonic roots, members of The mystic Order of Ethiopia deeply involved. They though a powerfull way to turn around the oppressor mentality was stablishing the divinity of an African man still alive. And they were right in the short run.

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They created a substitutive for the white imposed god. Haile Selassie was a dictator, just like his good friend Francisco Franco, the fascist wicked spanish murderer. How can you stand as a fascism defeater prototype when you are close friend of the worst fascist dictators of this world? However mystic still represents a valid answer for those kidnapped by the Abrahamic emotional blackmail. Rastafari is way more complex than the Selassie question, and has very valid points.

Let the righteousness find its way. Thank you Zisen Wada for your thoughtful comment. I can see how mythology can be useful as a tool in the struggle for justice. However, I question utilizing Haile Selassie even for a short time as you say. There were much better symbols that could have been used. There was no need to elevate a despicable and murderous tyrant like Haile Selassie in search of a hero.

Generations of Ethiopians and Eritreans were sacrificed because of his political intrigues. Those lives matter! Far from renewal, many true believers still vigorously and dogmatically defend him. Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days. Search for:. Blog Editor February 4th, Why bother with Selassie at this time?