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Starting July 1, , seven new laws will take effect in Virginia. All seven are more fair, favorable and friendly to tenants. They all were passed as a response to the high rate of evictions in Virginia, which are more than two times the national average.

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In many cities in Virginia, evictions are more than four times the national average. The following pdf provides the seven new laws in more detail.

Older Americans, like many of their younger counterparts, increasingly have debts in collection. Over one-third of the complaints that older consumers submit to us are related to debt collection. Virginia has nine legal aid programs and you can use the find legal help page to locate your local office.

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We have designed an online interactive interview to see if your circumstances might be appropriate for filing a divorce without an attorney. Click here to learn more and get started.

Is a Separation Agreement Necessary for a No Fault Divorce in Virginia?

Individuals, families and small businesses can find plans that fit their needs and their budget, and nobody can be denied coverage for having an illness or a pre-existing condition. There is also a residency requirement that one of the parties have lived in Virginia for at least six months.

What is the process for an uncontested divorce? Once you meet the legal requirements, I will meet with you to prepare a divorce complaint. The divorce complaint will then be filed with the court. A copy of the divorce complaint will be sent to your spouse along with a pre-written answer for them to sign. Once we have their answer, I will prepare and affidavit that you will to sign before a notary under oath, you will also need to provide a witness who can sign a sworn affidavit about how long you and your spouse have been separated and the grounds for you divorce.

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I will then prepare a final divorce order and will submit the documents to the court. Once the judge signs the divorce order, your divorce will be final. There will almost certainly be no need to go to court and the process can usually be done in well under a month. If your spouse does not sign the answer, you may still obtain a divorce although there will be delays.

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  • Legal Issues To Consider When Filing For Divorce?

Your spouse will need to be formally served by the Sheriff. If no answer is filed within 21 days, you may file for a default judgment. If your spouse files an answer contesting your complaint or seeking a divorce under different grounds, then the divorce becomes a contested divorce. For this reason, it is important to settle any differences before you file your divorce complaint. Do we need a Property Settlement Agreement if we have no property? Only if you have been separated for more than six months but less than a year. The law allows couples to divorce after six months if they have no children between them and they have an agreement.

This was intended to give couples an incentive to resolve their issues and reduce the burden on the courts. The agreement need not be anything more than a statement that the parties have divided their property to their mutual satisfaction to meet the requirement for divorce. However, if you do have substantial martial assets or debts, a formal agreement may prevent countless problems.

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If you do have children, you will definitely want to have an agreement. Can I get a divorce if I have no idea where my spouse is? Yes, but it takes time and is more expensive.

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Your spouse will need to be served by order of publication which means you will need to pay to have a legal notice of your divorce complaint posted on the newspaper. If you have any address where you think they may be, you should serve that address first.

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