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Validity Period. Issued To. Common Name CN. Organization O. Organizational Unit OU. Issued By. Share Results Permalink. A whois lookup can reveal organisational details, IP ranges to scan and the email addresses of technical staff. This information is commonly found in the information gathering phase of an assessment or planned attack. This Online Whois Lookup Tool simply runs the whois command line tool that is packaged in most Linux operating systems. With the results displayed in your web browser. Whois is simply a plain text protocol that returns information from a database of Internet resources.

It can reveal the owner or registered user of a resource; that may be a domain name, an IP address block or an autonomous system number ASN.

Information returned includes physical addresses, email addresses of system staff, names and phone numbers. The DNS name servers of a domain are also displayed. Many domain registration services allow a private listing in which the details of the domain owner can be hidden, these became popular following the prevalence of spam being directed at domain owners. The Finger protocol allowed you to "finger" a remote host and the response from the plaintext protocol would reveal who was actually logged on to the system and how long they had been logged on.

Whois is still a simple plaintext protocol that has a server component that listens on TCP port Clients establish a connection to this port and transmit a text record with the domain or IP address that is to be queried against the Whois database. Since the protocol is so simple a telnet client can be used to query the whois service. With whois being a simple plain text protocol it is possible to use a standard telnet or netcat client to access whois data.

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We can see that by simply entering the domain we were able to get a response from the iana. The important information contained in this response is a pointer to the whois server we need to talk to get more information about our domain. Now we have more information, including the DNS servers for the domain, the creation date and the registry expiry date.