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People are getting more and more paranoid with all that's happening around us everyday. We're constantly worried about our children, older parents if we have any, our grandparents, and our own well-being. Doing a North Carolina Background Check can help ease the tension and give you a peace of mind. This can be done for any county. Does not include county jail information. North Carolina Court Records - Court records should be researched by county.

Example google "wake county clerk of court" Do your best to find the official court records portal and start your search.

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Repeat process for other counties. Using the Division of Motor Vehicle's Online Driving Record Request tool, North Carolina citizens can purchase a copy of their official driving record — a true representation of the driver's history as it appears in the official DMV records.

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Why do a Background Check? For instance, if you're a landlord or a company who's taking in a renter or an employee, it's generally considered to be a wise decision to have a background check done to ensure that the credentials they gave you is accurate and true. It's important to know that background checks in particular depend on who the requester is and the purpose of the background check.

An employer who's offering a part-time summer job probably won't request a deep background check for its soon-to-be-employee as compared to when a law enforcement agency requests one to catch offenders. A typical North Carolina Background Check will result in revealing the following information:. You can start a background check by visiting your local courts county, superior and circuit. Some courts offer an online platform where you can check out criminal records, or at the very least outline the steps you'll need to take in order to get a criminal record check in person or by mail.

You will need specific information about the individual you're conducting the search for. More specifically, you'll need the person's date of birth, Social Security number and the first and last name. The information you'll obtain will depend largely on the county area you're searching in. If you're conducting a background search on someone and you choose Macon, then the individual results will only come from Macon county.

A quick Google search for the words "Criminal Background Checks" will present you with a list of links you can click; a good one to use is FreePeopleScan. While there are some websites who offer free background checks, most will charge you a nominal fee for acquiring the information you need on an individual. The state's second highest is the court of appeals with mandatory jurisdiction in civil, noncapital criminal, administrative agency, juvenile, disciplinary, original proceeding cases and discretionary jurisdiction in civil, non capital criminal, administrative agency, juvenile, original proceeding, and interlocutory decision cases.

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Superior court's criminal division hears felony, misdemeanor, criminal appeals cases and has jury trials. Access arrest records directly from North Carolina law enforcement agencies individually.

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Request information of incidents, charges and details from state and local police departments. Records division contact information and requirements to order official reports. North Carolina's general trial courts consists of superior and district courts dealing with nearly three million cases annually. The state's courts also maintain a database of charges and convictions made by state, county and city law enforcement.

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The review trials from lower courts are the Supreme and the court of Appeals. The clerks of court provide records, forms, local rules and court documents.

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North Carolina Public Records Search. First Name. Last Name.

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West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. The North Carolina government has over state agencies operating and serving the public which include law enforcement and various administrative functions. As a right to review state, many records are made available to the public ranging from criminal history background checks to real estate information, vital records, registered and recorded documents. North Carolina has moved forward with many services becoming available online through its individual agency websites.

Court Information North Carolina's supreme court is the highest court in the state with mandatory jurisdiction in civil, capital criminal, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile, disciplinary interlocutory decision cases and discretionary jurisdiction in civil, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile, advisory opinions for the executive and legislature, original proceeding, and interlocutory decision cases.

North Carolina Criminal Records Search for felony or misdemeanor criminal charges by requesting records from the North Carolina state repository. Federal Bureau of Investigation Charlotte Office Criminal background checks, name checks, official records. North Carolina Public and Criminal Record Expungements Information and resources to assist in expunging criminal records state and nationwide.

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North Carolina Arrest Records Access arrest records directly from North Carolina law enforcement agencies individually. North Carolina Vital Records Request birth and death certificates, marriage records and divorce filings in North Carolina. North Carolina Asset Search Search government agencies open to the public to find assets of companies, corporations, or individuals.

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North Carolina Genealogy Records Browse state archives, historical records, and online databases, search North Carolina census records to find info about ancestors, family tree and more. North Carolina Land Records Search deeds, mortgage documents and more.