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In collections that contain directory images, be sure to use both the browse and search functions. Browsing lets you view a directory page-by-page as you would if you were looking at the actual book. Check the table of contents to see what types of information were included. The table of contents is your guide to the contents and using the page numbers found in the index, you can navigate easily to sections of interest. Remember that many people share the same names, so when you find your ancestor in a city directory, be sure to use other sources like censuses or family records to confirm that the address and occupation match.

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You might find relatives living in neighboring houses or working in the same industry. This will bring up other residents of that address, which may include in-laws and other family members. Winston Churchill, , in British Phone Books, Here are the best vital records mega-sites for starting a vital records search:. If you're looking for something other than an unlisted or cell phone number yeah, sorry , you can find it online using these directories:.

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Criminal records are somewhat easy to track, though it varies by state. There are so many more great sites for public records. Here are a few more of my favorites:.

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This list is by no means conclusive. Got a favorite public records search site?

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