Identify vin number 1968 dodge super bee

G3R means engine, model year, assembled at Windsor, Ontario. Sequential numbers start at the first car down that assembly line at the beginning of that model year. Some A-bodies in the early and mid '60s started at The first thing to look at for a "numbers matching" car is to be sure the VIN on the fender tag matches the VIN on the dashboard. This is for and later cars.

Dodge Super Bee for sale in Omaha, NE

You can decode a VIN in the search box at the top of this page. For example, Hemi Orange was first offered in and it will be listed as V2 on the fender tag of a car.

Super Bee 1968

The same color on a car will be listed as EV2 to denote that it is a E color. A2 means vinyl bench seats, which will be listed in a Factory Parts Book under Dart.

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GB5 is the color of the upper door frame above the door panels. Cars that don't have upper door frame paint, e. It was simply released for production on that day. It may actually have been assembled some time later. This is an internal control number, the meaning of which has largely been lost to time.

However, if a car was a special order of some type, the VON may reflect that fact.

One day I'll compile a list of apparent VON descriptions. On vinyl-top cars, you will see the vinyl top color here. U means the car is built to USA specs. On '71 and later cars, this space will have one of three possible codes: U, USA specs. B This is where the optional equipment codes start. B41 is power front disc brakes. M85 is for bumper guards. R11 is an AM radio.

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  5. Classic Muscle Car Pictures. Introduction to the s Pontiac Firebird. See more muscle car pictures. Dodge muscle cars were among the fastest and wildest. See profiles, photos, and specifications of Dodge muscle cars.

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    7. Muscle cars came in many shapes and sizes. Here are features on more than muscle cars , including photos and specifications for each model. Muscle cars created their own culture.

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      To learn about it, read How Muscle Cars Work. Cougar pulled out of Mustang's shadow with the striped and spoilered Mercury Cougar Eliminator. Beep, beep! The Super Bee included a heavy-duty suspension, an optional Mopar A 4-speed manual transmission , and high-performance tires. A hardtop version joined the existing pillared coupe body in and a new optional twin-scooped air induction hood, the "Ramcharger", became available. The "Ramcharger" hood featured forward-facing scoops. The A12 package also equipped the cars with a Dana 60 axle with a gear-ratio , heavy duty automatic transmission or a 4-speed manual, and a 'lift off' flat black scooped hood.

      Other components to the A12 package included heavy duty internal engine parts, black steel rims with high performance G 15" tires, and heavy duty 11" drum brakes.

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      This option fell half-way between the standard engine and the Hemi as a USD option. The model year included the base Magnum, Six Pack, and the Hemi. For the model, the Super Bee received a redesign and a new front-end that consisted of a twin-looped front bumper that Dodge Public Relations referred to as "bumble bee wings". For example, a "C- stripe" variant of the bumble stripe was offered, in addition to new high-back bucket seats, a steering column-mounted ignition and a " pistol grip " Hurst shifter on four-speed models.

      The Coronet line were built in four-door sedan and station wagon body versions, the Super Bee model was moved to the platform used by the Charger. Production numbers of the Super Bee reached 5,, including 22 with the Hemi engine. In , Chrysler of Mexico introduced the new Dodge Super Bee as a replacement for the company's previous sports car product, the Plymouth Barracuda. As the production and sale costs of the third-generation Barracuda in Mexico were too high, Dodge adapted the semi-fastback A-Body platform and introduced the Super Bee at the beginning.

      The model was virtually identical to the Plymouth Duster known in Mexico as the "Valiant Duster" , with side stripes and the Super Bee decals. The model's body was modified on one further occasion, in , and, by , the front of the Dodge Dart became the standard design for the entire A Body line-up; the Duster, Super Bee, Valiant, and Dart all consisted of the same front grille, with the rear tail lights constituting the only difference between the Super Bee and the Valiant.

      However, in , the final year for the A Body cars, the front grille of the Plymouth model became the standard design. Over the years, these models only received minor changes, such as new grilles, rear panels, and tail lights. The federal highway patrol used Super Bee as a squad car. For the model year, the Super Bee received a new front with rectangular headlamps. For the model year, the Dodge Diplomat was introduced in Mexico, under the name of Dodge Dart replacing the Dodge Aspen , and was considered a luxury car.

      The production version consisted of a hood decal, rather than an entirely black hood, and the "hockey stick" stripe on the side was changed from solid black to a dashed black stripe positioned at the bottom of the exterior. The wheels are fully polished and do not contain the silver painted areas of the "stock" SRT8 Charger.

      The interior is completely black, with yellow accent stitching on the seats and shift knob; this is unlike the "two-tone" interior of the standard SRT8 Charger which consists of red stitching this is the only model that contains such an interior, as the Charger interior changed in The appearance of the shifter "bezel" and center console resemble that of carbon fibre, and the Super Bee logo appears in the instrument cluster during "power up", instead of the SRT logo.

      It is a limited edition car, with only built for model year , with build dates as early as August Each car is built in Brampton Assembly Plant, then shipped to Windsor to have decals applied and unique number plaque applied to the passenger side of the dash. Number sequence on dash, does not necessarily follow build order, as multiple "Bees" were shipped to Windsor by car carrier and order was not retained.

      For the model year, the Super Bee was only made in "B5 Blue Pearl Coat" sometimes listed as "Surf Blue Pearl" [24] [25] , reminiscent of the blue used by Chrysler vehicles in the s and s.