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As used in KRS Publication or related use of a public record by a newspaper or periodical; 2. Use of a public record by a radio or television station in its news or other informational programs; or 3. The General Assembly finds an essential relationship between the intent of this chapter and that of KRS The General Assembly further recognizes that while all government agency records are public records for the purpose of their management, not all these records are required to be open to public access, as defined in this chapter, some being exempt under KRS No person shall remove original copies of public records from the offices of any public agency without the written permission of the official custodian of the record.

The official custodian may require written application, signed by the applicant and with his name printed legibly on the application, describing the records to be inspected. The application shall be hand delivered, mailed, or sent via facsimile to the public agency. The public agency shall mail copies of the public records to a person whose residence or principal place of business is outside the county in which the public records are located after he precisely describes the public records which are readily available within the public agency.

If the person requesting the public records requests that copies of the records be mailed, the official custodian shall mail the copies upon receipt of all fees and the cost of mailing. However, refusal under this section shall be sustained by clear and convincing evidence.

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When copies are requested, the custodian may require a written request and advance payment of the prescribed fee, including postage where appropriate. If the applicant desires copies of public records other than written records, the custodian of the records shall duplicate the records or permit the applicant to duplicate the records; however, the custodian shall ensure that such duplication will not damage or alter the original records.

Nonexempt public records used for noncommercial purposes shall be copied in standard hard copy format where agencies currently maintain records in hard copy format. Agencies are not required to convert hard copy format records to electronic formats. If the public agency maintains electronic public records in a format other than ASCII, and this format conforms to the requestor's requirements, the public record may be provided in this alternate electronic format for standard fees as specified by the public agency.

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Any request for a public record in a form other than the forms described in this section shall be considered a nonstandardized request. If a public agency is asked to produce a record in a nonstandardized format, or to tailor the format to meet the request of an individual or a group, the public agency may at its discretion provide the requested format and recover staff costs as well as any actual costs incurred. The contract shall permit use of the public records for the stated commercial purpose for a specified fee.

Cost to the public agency of media, mechanical processing, and staff required to produce a copy of the public record or records; 2. Cost to the public agency of the creation, purchase, or other acquisition of the public records. A newspaper, periodical, radio or television station shall not be held to have used or knowingly allowed the use of the public record for a commercial purpose merely because of its publication or broadcast, unless it has also given its express permission for that commercial use.

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If a party wishes to access public records by electronic means and the public agency agrees to provide online access, a public agency may require that the party enter into a contract, license, or other agreement with the agency, and may charge fees for these agreements. Fees shall not exceed: a The cost of physical connection to the system and reasonable cost of computer time access charges; and b If the records are requested for a commercial purpose, a reasonable fee based on the factors set forth in subsection 4 of this section.

Kentucky fared well, especially compared to other states, in some categories, including its system of political financing.

Criminal Record Expungement in Kentucky

New laws passed in bar legislators from accepting any donations from lobbyists. Kentucky also is fifth nationally in legislative accountability.

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That lofty ranking stems in part from tightened ethics laws, which the legislature also updated in to ban lawmakers from accepting even a cup of coffee from lobbyists. For instance, no one audits legislative financial disclosure forms. The Legislative Ethics Commission has maintained for years a staff of four full-time employees and an enforcement counsel who is brought in on a contractual basis for cases.

This summer, the office has operated with only three employees due to a vacancy. And in those rare instances the panel sanctions lawmakers for violations, the penalty is usually a few thousand dollars.

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  5. Former Democratic Rep. Hall owned several businesses, including a coal mine.

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    He failed to list one company he owned on his financial disclosure, but that omission was spotted by a journalist, not by the ethics commission. Explore Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. Search Terms: Search Clear. Collections Sites Search Page Text.

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